The deals feature in 75Bit CRM supports multiple pipelines and the pipeline may have its own unique stages based on the pipeline workflow.

75Bit CRM by default comes with 1 default "Sales Pipeline" pipeline already configured for you, you can use this pipeline for reference if you are in need to create multiple pipelines.

Create Pipeline

  • Navigate to Deals -> Pipelines and click the "Create Pipeline" button.
  • Enter the pipeline name and click Create.

Pipeline Stages

To create and edit pipeline stages, you will need to edit the pipeline and adjust the stages according to your requirements, you can also re-order the stages depending on your workflow.

Stage Win Probability

Win Probability in 75Bit CRM is the likelihood that a deal will be successfully closed, and that the deal's value will be added to your company's revenue.

If you would like to set the probability for a stage in your pipeline edit the pipeline stages and move the cursor of the range to the desired win probability. In real life, the order in most cases is based on the win probability, the lowest is first and higher is last.

Pipeline Stages