The activities feature allows you to create your own activities like tasks, meeting, deadline etc... and keep track of the actions you need to take further in order to finalize a sale. You can create activities associated to many records like companies, contacts, deals for a better overview and organization.

Create Activity

Creating activity is available from different places within 75Bit CRM, via the dashboard, via record profile, etc... depends where you are located at the time you want to create the activity, you will be able to do this within few clicks.

  • When logged-in in 75Bit CRM, click the Activities menu item.

  • In the right side, click Create Activity.

  • A form will be shown with the following fields:

    1. Title

      Enter a title so you can easily identify the activity.

    2. Choose activity type

      Select the activity type, represents the action needs to be taken for this activity.

    3. Due date and duration

      Set due date for the activity and set duration if needed.

    4. Reminder

      Configure reminder before the activity due date.

    5. Guests

      Click the + icon to add guests to the activity, for example, if this activity is meeting, you can add guests as meeting attendees, from this view, you can only select staff members, use the search field to search for contacts if needed.

    6. Description

      Click the + icon to add description to the activity, the description is visible to all guests, included within the attached .ics file in the email that is sent when an guest is added to activity.

    7. Owner

      Set owner for the activity.

    8. Note

      Notes are private and visible only for the sales reps.

    9. Companies

      Associate the activity with existing companies, type to search companies.

    10. Contacts

    Associate the activity with existing contacts, type to search contacts.

    1. Deals

    Associate the activity with existing deals, type to search deals.

  • Click Create.

After the activity is created, if the selected assigned user is different from the user that created the activity, the User Assigned To Activity mail template will be sent to the assigned user.

Create via contact, company, deal record

  • Enter a record profile for example, by clicking on the name of the record from the index (table) page.
  • Click on the Activities tab.
  • Click Add Activity.
  • If it's needed, use the Associated with X record(s) to associate the activity with additional records.

When logging a call, creating a note, sending an email

You can create a activity as follow up task, this features gives you ability to automatically create and associate the activity to the record profile that for example, you are creating logging a call.

Create Follow up Task

Update Activity

  • When logged-in in 75Bit CRM, click Activities menu item.
  • From the table, click the activity title.
  • The form will be shown, update any fields that is needed.
  • Click Save.

Update via contact, company, deal record TIP: Double click on activity description to edit

  • Enter a record profile for example, by clicking on the name of the record from the index (table) page.
  • Click on the Activities tab.
  • Scroll to bottom to find the activity you want to update.
  • Click the ellipsis icon and then click Edit.
  • Update any fields that is needed.
  • Click Save.

Edit Activity Via Record

Delete Activity

There are multiple way to delete activity, via table actions, via table delete button and when viewing a record related activities.

Via table actions
When viewing the activities table, use the check-box on the left side to select the activity you want to delete and then select the "Delete" action from the available table actions dropdown.

Delete Records via Table Actions

Via table delete button
Click the ellipsis icon displayed on the first column in the table and then click delete.

When viewing related record
When viewing related activity record for example, contact, click on the Activities tab and scroll to the activity you want to delete and click the Delete link.


Every activity in 75Bit CRM may have a reminder so the owner/assigned of the activity get notified before the due date, it's a useful feature for example, when the activity is meeting or it's a task that need to be finished.

When creating an activity, configure the reminder based on when you want the owner to receive a notification for this activity, for example, 1 hour before the due date.

Note that for activities with no due time, the reminder date is calculated from midnight, for example, if there is activity with due date 2021-12-16 and a reminder set for 30 minutes before, the reminder will be sent at 2021-12-15 23:30

The notification will be sent only if the activity is not marked as finished and the cron job is configured properly.

Based on the user settings, 75Bit CRM will sent an email and bell notification to notify the owner about the activity deadline.

To customize the mail template, you can navigate to Settings->Mail Templates and edit the Activity Reminder template.


In 75Bit CRM activity can be associated to many resources, for example, one activity can be related to and visible in the profile for contact and deal.

This feature is useful when you want to fully organize your sales process and have clear overview of the activity and the record where the activity is related to.

Imagine you need to create activity for a deal but the activity is important for the contact associated with the deal, for example, a activity that reminds you to call the contact to discuss on some subject about the deal, in this case, when you associate the activity both to contact and deal, whenever you visit either the deal profile or the contact profile, you will be able to see this activity and know what action needs to be taken next.

Activity Associations

By default 75Bit CRM will show maximum the first 3 associated deals, contacts or companies, however, you are not limited to associate the activity to the given records only, you can use the search input to perform search and associate activity to many unrelated records from the activity.