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Our story

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We think you should feel supported by the people you work with

For more than 7 years, we’ve been proving that you don’t have to be a big company to have a big impact. From creating one of the first software-as-a-service web apps, inventing to running a remote company a decade before the rest of the industry caught on; we make waves and build great software while we do it.

Who do we help?

Companies that rely on technology for business growth. Our clients see us as a long-term strategic partner and trusted adviser for product design, development, DevOps, and cloud computing work.

Our philosophy

Do good and the good will come to you. Each software project we select we treat as our own because our client’s success fuels ours.

The values we share

What we believe in


They’re the greatest asset that 75Bit is built on. We work with them and for them, making sure they feel fulfilled, appreciated, and satisfied.


We aim high, always learning, to understand every novelty from the world of technology. We support our employees’ learning and practicing so that they can deliver top-class solutions in ambitious projects.


To ensure of our clients’ success, we bring in knowledge, technology skills, and high engagement to each project. Our communication remains open for all partners regardless of their continent, culture, or time zone.


Being fulfilled by our work keeps us energized. We create first-class software that’s fast, efficient, and ready to scale because we want us and our clients to be proud of our work.

Fair play

We strive to make decisions that are fair to all sides. Our employees get adequate praise for their efforts and compensation for their skills. Similarly, our clients see prices that are adequate to our involvement and work quality.


We welcome new ideas and challenges that await us. Keeping a broad perspective on the future, we spot potential and real problems ahead of time, with which we deal promptly. The openness to one another drives our client and colleague relations.

“We constantly receive 5★ reviews online“

This comes from TestaVita’s CTO for whom we co-developed a legal platform. Let’s have a private chat about your product growth plans.

One idea can change the world 🌍.

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As a technology partner for startups and serial entrepreneurs across the globe, 75bit helps to bring ideas into life by adding our expertise as a value.

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